Darren’s testimonial – English

Darren’s Testimonial:

Before I tell you about my great experience in Senzaki Sensei’s class, let me tell you a little about myself. I knew nothing about Tai Chi, Yozen or Martial Arts. I didn’t know about all the mental and physical health benefits from Tai Chi. I went to the class based only on the invitation of a friend.

After warming up for a while I started to feel the power of my own “Chi” flowing through my veins. I could feel my own Chi in my hands, almost like I was holding a ball in my hands. Senzaki Sensei came to me as we were letting the Chi flow through our fingers. I held out my hands. He put his hands about 20 centimeters below mine. “Can you feel the Chi?” he asked.

I concentrated. I could feel it. After only a few minutes warming up, I began to feel a sensation almost like my hands were light magnets pushing against an invisible force between his and hands and mine.

“Good” he said.

This was my first Tai Chi lesson ever. Now I can always feel the Chi flowing through me. It’s like an invisible force that gives me mental and physical power each day. It’s invigorating.

“After the 1st lesson I continued to go to Tai Chi lessons. My posture has improved and I feel very healthy. During each new lesson I feel more and more mentally open and focused. It is like meditation with movement.

I highly recommend taking a lesson with Senzaki Sensei. It feels great, especially for people who have never done Tai Chi or any Martial Arts.